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John G. "Jack" Radcliffe for Ward 5

I want to be your representative in City Hall, and I ask you for your vote on October 8.

I grew up in New Bedford, spending my earliest years living in the Nathan and Polly Johnson House on Seventh Street, where my dad had his medical office on the ground floor.

I enjoyed the wonderful diversity of the city, attending schools with children of dozens of different backgrounds and ethnicities. I also appreciated the value of our legacy of parks and library system, and spent much of my leisure time in the downtown library as well as in Buttonwood Park.

When I retired from the newspaper business 10 years ago I had my choice of living anywhere I wanted. I chose to move back to the West End. My wife Catherine and I purchased a modest house on Rockdale Avenue, just a short distance from Buttonwood Park, and a pleasant walk to the Lawler Branch in one direction, and Clark's Cove in the other. In the six years I have served on the City's Conservation Commission, currently as its Vice-Chairman, I have come to appreciate more and more the treasures of our city and its greatest natural resource – its people. I believe in giving back and "paying forward," and hope to be of even greater service to you and our neighborhoods as a member of the City Council.

In the next few months I will speak with as many of my Ward 5 neighbors as possible and have a free exchange of ideas on how we can best address your concerns and improve the quality of life for all of us. There's a convenient contact form here.

You can call me at 508-292-5632, or email me. You can also find my campaign on Facebook at Facebook/RadcliffeForWard5 or Share This on Twitter.

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